‘That Gimenez may well make a lot of goals’

Santiago Gimenez is working on a rock-solid start to the season at Feyenoord. The Mexican has now scored four goals and Kenneth Perez and Mario Been have not escaped that either. Gimenez‘s goal against Sparta was typical of his game according to the analysts.
“That running action by moving to the first pole is just typical of a real striker,” says Perez at ESPN. “Then you also see that you don’
t have to play with each other for a long time to understand each other. I have the feeling that he is less concerned with Feyenoord‘s game, but that he only thinks about how to get into the sixteen meters and how to strike and score there.”
Been also sees a lot of potential in the Mexican attack leader. Just like Perez, Gimenez also sees a real striker at work in Gimenez’
s front action at the goal. “Kenneth and I just said to each other on the bench: this one can make a lot of goals. That goal against Sparta was amazing. That prelude of his is just really well done. First move away and then show up at the first pole.”

🇲🇽 After a clever action by Igor Paixão, Santiago Gimenez scores his third goal in four days! 👏 #️ ⃣ #feyspa pic.twitter.com/9pOF1xQVxO
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 11, 2022