Thats how Kamala Harris got to know husband

Kamala Harris (56) and her husband Doug Emhoff (56) joined the program CBS Sunday Morning for the first time and talked about how their relationship, after a blind date, grew into a happy marriage.

Harris best friend encouraged her to go on a blind date with Emhoff, who, according to her friend, was โ€œa really good, nice guy.โ€ The prospective vice president agreed, but still wanted to know who it was. โ€œYes, I Googled him, even though my friend told me not to do that and trust her,โ€ said Harris, laughing, adding that she had never told this before.

Emhoff said he texted his wife at the time while he was at a basketball game with a friend. โ€œThe next day I thought, โ€œIll just call her.โ€ I left a voicemail message that she saved and lets me hear it every year on our wedding day. I thought Id never hear from her again, but here we are. And soon I will be the first Second Gentleman of the United States and I hope that a lot of men will follow after me. I am extremely proud of Kamala and what she will do and will support her unconditionally.โ€

The upcoming vice-presidential couple got married in 2014, a year after their blind date. Emhoff has two adult children from his first marriage, who affectionately call Harris โ€œMommala.โ€ Harris also has a very good relationship with the ex-wife of Emhoff, Kerstin.

In addition to his duties as Second Gentleman, Emhoff, who is a lawyer, is going to teach law students from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.