Thats how you keep your laundry really white

Expert Zamarra Kok knows all about the household. So is how you really keep your laundry white. Five things you need to know about that.


White clothing and textiles may become gray or yellowish over time. This process can be delayed by the use of money laundering agents containing optical brighteners that adhere to the wax and reflect UV radiation as blue light.


The most commonly used optical brighteners are sulphonic acids. Although they have natural origin, they are not biodegradable.


Previously, bluish was often added to the wax, which also made textiles optically whiter. Bluessel is a biodegradable mixture of ultramarine (deep blue pigment) and natron consisting of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and sodium carbonate (soda). Bluessel is no longer available.


Bleaching agents also whiten the wax. As an oxygen bleach based on active oxygen, available as an oxipowder for the white wax. You can add a scoop or soak the fabric for a couple of hours in water with a scoop of oxipowder. Completely biodegradable.


Other well-known natural whiteners are lemon juice, baking soda and cleaning vinegar. The most natural brightener is the sun: it bleaches the white wax during drying on the clothesline.