That’s how you make your dog’s life a little more fun

Veterinarian Piet Hellemans writes every two weeks about a (house) animal topic. This week: what about your good intentions with your pets?

Many people will probably have good intentions and probably a lot of plans have died! I always like it when the holidays are over; the new year has started and the days are getting longer every day.

What about your good intentions with your pets? For example, if you want to move more, then a dog is of course the perfect companion for that. If you dont have a dog, you might be able to borrow the animal from friends or neighbors for a walk.

Asiels are also often jumping to dog-runners. By walking with asylum dogs, they remain physically and mentally in shape and maintain their social skills, which increases their chances of adoption.

I have been working with the organization Brainwerk voor Honden for years. They are committed to making the lives of our four-legged friends more challenging. The main sense organ of most animals is their sense of smell. By making them smell something delicious and looking it up, you give them a fun challenge. Puzzle with your dog!

Not only will it surprise you how smart your dog is, it also strengthens the bond between pet and boss and enriches the lives of our dogs.

Meanwhile, Brainwerk is also available for cats, rabbits and even horses! Each species has its own preferences and puzzle abilities; for example, cats give up sooner than dogs if it gets too difficult. Puzzling should not take too much effort for cats, because then you can solve it yourself.

Perhaps that is the best intention for 2021: try to enrich the life of your pet (s), play more together, take a dog course, challenge your animal, make a bigger stay for your rabbits or guinea pigs, or get started with the so-called hamster scaping.

A few months ago I had never heard of hamster scaping; in the meantime I made my first hamster stay. Very nice to do!

Eating, drinking and giving love is not enough for most pets, their lives can always be made fuller, richer and more challenging, and they need their owners to do so. Pets support us great in the periods of lockdown.

In my opinion, we are obliged to do so, especially when we are more away from home.

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