The adventure ‘Remember… ‘by Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge will be released on February 10

Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge announced the release date of the upcoming atmospheric adventure โ€œRemember. . .

โ€ โ€” February 10, 2022. Earlier, developers shared their thoughts on release date, explaining that a number of factors influence the date choice.

One of these was the desire to make a simultaneous release of the game on PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The project also recently hosted a broadcast, during which they once again reminded fans that โ€œRemember.

. .

โ€œhas nothing to do with โ€œMorโ€. Moreover, the studio‘s management tried to attract people from outside to develop the new game, so that the team would also have nothing to do with the legendary psychological horror.

โ€œRememberโ€ is a game about accepting loss, memories, and how fast time flows. The game promises to immerse in the atmosphere and life of a provincial Russian town.

The main character will be Misha, a regular guy who is wading into life’s routine, but then suddenly confronts his childhood friends and high school love. More on Gamemania Guardians of the Galaxy authors move to four-day work week Modders take the atmosphere of Undead Nightmare to Red Dead Redemption 2 Apex Authors Legends told of upcoming Halloween event.