The author of Game Informer spoke about Skull And Bones: ships, development and pirates

Wesley LeBlanc from Game Informer, the main theme of the latest issue of which was Skull And Bones, spoke about his impressions of pirate action, answering some questions about the problematic long-term construction of Ubisoft . However, the company does not call the development โ€œproduction hellโ€, noting that they just needed more time to create a completely new game in the open world. Some of the things the video says, it was already known, and the story largely consists of the authors impressions of the game and communication with the developers.

LeBlanc recalled how the game was once announced back in 2017, offering players 5v5 naval battles โ€” and all this seemed โ€œperhaps the worst pirate gameโ€ to him. Now, five years later, Skull And Bones, which has become an open-world game, looks and plays much more interesting.

The author notes that in fact, players are waiting for the โ€œubisoftoficationโ€ of the golden age of piracy. Whatever you say, this is a Ubisoft game.

And if you dont like the companys games in general, you probably wont like this. As you know, in Skull And Bones, players will generally have to complete new missions, improving the ship and becoming stronger to complete new tasks and fight against more powerful opponents.

Over time, gamers will earn more and more notoriety, increasing their level, that is, moving from โ€œoutcastโ€ to โ€œkingpinโ€, and opening up new features. At the same time, bad Fame is the only measure of players progress.

That is, Skull And Bones does not have skill trees, etc. A lot of things are tied to notoriety.

And, of course, gold. As for microtransactions, they are relevant only for cosmetic items โ€” you cant buy in-game gold for real money to pump up quickly.

LeBlanc also notes: it may seem that the game resembles โ€œAssassins Creed IV: Black Flag without battles on landโ€ (although there are activities on the shore) – but everything does not feel so. compared to Sea of Thieves, and the author of Game Informer revealed that Skull And Bones will be more arcade than the creation of Rare.

Plus, all Sea of Thieves players have equal access to everything, be it ships or weapons, that is, everything under relatively equal conditions. In Skull And Bones, its all about development: at first you have a small ship with weak weapons, but as notoriety grows, the player gets access to more and more improvements, as far as ship hulls and weapons: for example, you can equip it with mortars or supply it with Greek fire.

So, developing, players will have to complete more difficult tasks, hunt for an increasingly large loot and attack increasingly fortified settlements. If all goes well, the players notoriety grows.

If it fails, it falls. In general, something like the rating mode in Overwatch.

Leblanc was interested in what they would dodevelopers to combat griffing โ€” that is, for example, bullying by experienced and strong players over weak opponents? What will stop kingpins from constantly attacking small ships? In this case, Ubisoft has implemented a system that if the more powerful attack the weaker ones, the former will lose notoriety, and a lot. If you have already reached a rank (for example, become a corsair), you will be able to move up levels (within this rank to the next rank), but if you lose notoriety, you will not lose the rank you have already earned (that is, you will remain a corsair).

And you will not lose access to the items and improvements that you opened when you get this rank. With the help of a telescope, players will be able to see the level of notoriety of other gamers, the amount of notoriety received for defeating you, how much they will lose if they lose, how valuable loot is on board and what equipment the ship has.

If you are defeated in battle, you will not have to start over: after death, you respawn and save most of your loot, and what to do next is up to you. You can, for example, take revenge and find the one who defeated you to take his loot.

In total, Skull And Bones has three types of ships: maneuverable, cargo, and combat. By the way, the company has previously talked about their customization and armament.

And for different missions, gamers will suit different ships. The author also reminded that the game will not have a plot in the sense that we will not see the final and credits โ€” players will have an endgame with battles with other gamers of the same level.

However, as the game progresses, we will be able to find some items that tell about the local Laura, such as treasure maps. In addition, players will meet VIP pirates โ€” Ubisoft has not yet reveals who will appear in the game, but it will definitely not be a conditional โ€œGreybeardโ€ instead of Blackbeard.

Apparently, some real historical figures are expected. Recall that Skull And Bones will be released on November 8, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Stadia.

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