The author Sheepo announced Metroidwania Islets

Single game designer Kyle Thompson, known for the warmly received Sheepo metroidvania players, announced his new project. This is once again an adventure platformer with metrovania elements, Islets. Islets takes place in a hand-drawn world split into islands hanging in the air.

And our hero, the brave warrior Aiko, is trying to reunite these islands into a single whole. But on his way there are powerful enemies and a lot of little monsters.

Players will have to explore the world, looking for ways to connect individual islands. If we are lucky, we will open up new paths and territories that were previously inaccessible.

But the main idea of the game is to connect people, and this is the focus of meetings and conversations with a number of unusual characters. ISlets is released on Steam in 2022.

This Thompson project already has a publisher: Armor Games Studios. More at Gambling, Square Enix showed the world Star Ocean: The Divine Force Gimle: Archlikvake Saga will make us become a legend of the Viking world To the Football Coach simulator: the Game released official trailer.