The authors of Curse of the Dead Gods told about everything that awaits us in the temple

Less than a week later, on February 23, the Passtech Games studio and Focus Home Interactive publishing house will release the Curse of the Dead Gods bagel from early access. In the meantime, the authors of the game published a new review trailer, in which they told about everything that awaits players in the release version. The hero of Curse of the Dead Gods will go to a huge and confusing maze of three abandoned temples.

The highest tasks like saving the world are not put before us this time, in the end power and personal profit – quite a convincing goal. Each of the premises of the temple is a kind of puzzle.

The traps that are melting at each step will quickly send the hero to reboot. On the other hand, they can be effectively used against dangerous opponents, thus saving strength, and even getting bonuses.

Curse of the Dead Gods will be released not only on Steam, but also in Epic Games Store , and at the same time on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. More on CCeit Authors Valorant Changed Reyna and Yoru and Tamed Stinger In No Mans Sky Now You Can Tame Alien Creatures New Game Youssef Fares It Takes Two Gone & laquo; for gold.