The authors of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” spoke about the creation of graphics in the series

Marvel released a new video, which was dedicated to creating the graphics of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Specifically, it came about the first major action scene, where Sam Wilson chases criminals in the air through a canyon. At the same time, not so much footage was filmed in the airspace – so, before Anthony Maki hung a special camera, the footage from which then glued with what was happening.

But the tricks with jumping bandits from the plane were real. When a character lands on a plane in the air, all this was actually filmed on the ground, and using a real plane, and the actor flew to him on cables.

Before filming, a previsualization of this moment was created, reminiscent of a video game of yesteryear — similar to the episode with a falling truck from the finale as well. In addition, the authors tried to pay attention to the physics of the hero‘s wings movement so that it differed from other MCU heroes.

Another interesting point was that something because of the roughness of the costume with the help of graphics it was necessary to create the illusion that it fits perfectly to the skin of the character without problems. More on CCeit The defective party rated at the level of Star Wars: Clone Wars Sequel Judgment dedicated to distorted justice — announcement Lost Judgment Hearing: Chain of Domination’s 9.

1 patch to World of Warcraft will be released at the end of June.