The authors of FIFA 23 spoke about Pro Clubs and Volta modes

EA presented another video about FIFA 23, in which they talked about the features of Pro Clubs and Volta modes. In particular, now there is a common progress between them, so the corresponding experience will be earn money when playing any of them. Progress in customization and seasons will also be common to the two modes.

Points earned can be spent on cosmetic items like boots or the like, although Volta will be present exclusive rewards. But in Pro Clubs mode, players will be allowed to tattoo football players.

In the latter case, we have also increased the maximum available level from 25 to 100 to make player leveling faster. Abilities can also be unlocked earlier than in FIFA 22, with the authors adding four new elements, two for defense in the match and the other two for attacking.

matchmaking can now be played mini-games, diversifying your pastime. The release of FIFA 23 is scheduled for September 30 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC – previously, the creators talked about the changes in matches.

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