The authors of Mass Effect Legendary Edition used the modifications as a landmark

In a conversation with PC Gamer, project manager Mac Walters stated that during the development of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the team used the modifications as a benchmark. โ€œAt the very beginning, we looked at some modifications and said to ourselves, โ€œOK, thats our minimum bar, thats where we should move on, right? โ€œObviously, modders have limited access to assets. We have full access to themโ€ โ€” Mac Walters.

Environment Director Kevin Meek added that he was initially skeptical of modifications that improve texture quality with artificial intelligence, but later studied them and was amazed. โ€œWe knew that with AI we could reach a baseline across all textures and get the same amount of visual improvements or even more than mods, because we have many advantages, which they dont have.

We can work on uncompressed original textures in full resolution. While what the modders have was compressed and placed on disk, and then they raised the resolution.

โ€ โ€” Kevin Mik. Also developers were eyeing modifications that add new ones hairstyles and casual costumes for Shepard.

Their popularity gave the team confidence that they should invest time and force in these innovations. At the same time, Walters could not 100% confirm that the modifications that returned to the game cut content and unused dialogs, will be able to work with Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

However, the developers want the modders to work on Mass Effect Legendary Edition from the very beginning, so talked to some of them and learned what was important to them. โ€œModders have the advantage of not having to limit themselves to certification requirements, disk size issues and any consequences.

โ€ โ€” Kevin Mi. Mass Effect Release Legendary Edition will be held as early as May 14 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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