The authors of Sea of Thieves announced the adventure “Lone Hunter”

Rare Studio has announced a new adventure for their online game Sea of Thieves. It is called The Forsaken Hunter and in it we have to take care of one of the oldest pirate allies. As we remember, the previous adventure, Lost Sands, allowed us to determine the fate of the Gold sands.

And in the end, the good faction led by Merrick won. Now the outpost on Golden Sands will be restored and returned to its former glory, but the bad news is that Merrick himself has disappeared somewhere.

And now we have to go looking for it. The Lone Hunter limited-time adventure will take place from June 30 to July 14.

Recall that in July, the game starts its seventh season, and players will be able to stake the ship, give it a name and coat of arms, and at the same time arrange everything on it to their liking. More on Gambling Dr.

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