The authors of the remake of Destroy All Humans! 2 explained abandoning PS4 and Xbox One versions

Stefan Schmitz, assistant creative head at Black Forest Studio, told The Escapist why the team refused to release a remake of Destroy All Humans! 2 on PS4 and Xbox One, not to mention the Switch. He said it was a difficult decision, but the developers took this step to avoid sacrificing the detail and scale of the locations. In addition, the PS5 and Xbox Series allow twice as many NPCs to be displayed on the screen at the same time.

In order not to spoiler ahead of time, Schmitz did not go into much detail and noted that seriously only Gene Blenders ability has been transformed. Developers have added the concept of human hives and the possibility of mass kidnapping.

From now on, the player will be able to explore the map and guess where certain categories of people live so that later smoke them out and grab a whole group at once. Otherwise, wait for some radical changes in content โ€” Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed is created with care to the original.

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