The authors of the Wartales role-playing game talked about plans for 2022

Last December, Shiro Games, known for Northgard and Evoland, released its new project, Wartales, into Early Access. The tactical role-playing strategy has received very positive feedback from players: it is recommended by 90% of customers. And now the developers have talked about what they are preparing for players in 2022 and have updated their Future plans.

The first content update brings a new location, Harag‘s Marshlands, to the game, with new enemies, skills for our animals and exploration of abandoned villages. The update will also increase the maximum level of heroes.

It should be released in March. Another region, Merchant’s City, will open in the summer.

The Summer Update will once again raise the maximum level and allow you to explore the capital and discover its secrets. It will also feature relationships between party members, camp upgrades, and the Grand Tournament.

More locations and other features are planned for future content updates. These include captive recruitment, expeditions, a journey to the Pit of Despair, and the addition of procedurally generated content for greater replayability.

Wartales is an open-world role-playing game with but no canonical heroes. We have to lead a squad of unscrupulous mercenaries and bring wealth to those who survive.

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