The authors of Windjammers 2 introduced the gardener and the king

Dotemu has released a fresh trailer for the Windjammers 2 action sports movie, in which it introduced two more characters to players. And one of them is already familiar to fans of the first part: the Spanish king Jordi Costa returns to the game. The second hero was created specifically for the sequel.

This is the Chinese gardener Sammy Ho, who is also a rising star of frisbee. It has powerful shots that work best at medium range, and a special frenzy dragon move.

The creators of Windjammers 2 have also announced an additional release. In addition to the previously announced PC platforms, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Stadia, Xbox One was added to the list.

The game will also be added to the Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC from day one and will support cross-platform between PC and Xbox and between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The release date of Windjammers 2 studio is not yet announced.

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