The authors of Zelda in Space showed Xel gameplay

Assemble Entertainment and the studio Tiny Roar, known for Hellfire, published another diary of the developer of the adventure action RPG Xel, which is compared with the games of the series The Legend of Zelda. In the new video, the game designer and game director talk about how the studio created the characters and why it eventually came to the existing style. They also discussed the philosophy of game design and showed fragments of gameplay from the early alpha version.

Xel is set in a fantasy world. The main characters spaceship, Raid, crashes on a planet with different biomes and large-scale dungeons, and she loses her memory.

And now she has to get her memories back, and to do that, shell have to figure out how they relate to this colorful and dangerous world. Xel comes out in the summer of 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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5 million copies โ€” record for the series.