The Bazaar can open again on Saturday, corona measures have been approved

The Bazaar in Beverwijk is open from Saturday onwards. The organization reports to have received permission to reopen all halls.

“We have taken far-reaching measures and are pleased that the safety region and municipality have welcomed this”, says spokesman Mariska Roos of De Bazaar to NH Nieuws. Shopkeepers will be allowed back into the closed halls tomorrow.

More than a week and a half ago, a number of halls were closed by order of the safety region and municipality, because it proved impossible to maintain the one and a half metre distance there.


Yesterday, the Bazaar presented a number of measures to the municipality and security region, in the hope that the closed halls can be reopened. The authorities agreed to this today.

For example, the inner terrace in the ‘food court‘ has been removed, there is one-way traffic in several halls and visitors are counted to prevent it from getting too crowded. Wheelchairs, scooters and pushchairs are also banned from paths that are narrower than five metres. Disabled vehicles are still allowed in places with enough space.