The beach as a classroom

The coronacrisis is not fun for children. However, there are also advantages to the pandemic. At least, for the children of the Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente school in the Spanish fishing village of Los Nietos. Their classroom has been the beach for some time now.

โ€œ Its safe and the children have a lot of fun,โ€ explains teacher Juan Francisco Martinez to press agency Reuters. โ€œWhat they learn here, they will never forget.โ€ Moreover, the sandy classroom offers the opportunity to translate the theory into practice immediately, says Chief Alfonso Vera: โ€œFishermen have explained to the students how to fish, so how to feed yourself in times of pandemic.

The primary students love to get lessons on the beach. โ€œI like it better here, because I feel more relaxed and comfortable,โ€ says 9-year-old Antonio. Classmate Luz (10) agrees that: โ€œI love the beach. In the summer I always come here and I love the sand.โ€

The lessons on the beach are part of the Spanish Aire Limpio (fresh air, red.) project. This is aimed at providing better air quality for students. Although the Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente school is not the first to move the lessons out, it has the first with the beach as a classroom.