The Beauties of the World, Enemies and Rotters โ€” in the release trailer for Kena: Bridge of Spirits

As early as tomorrow, Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released on both PlayStation and PC (in EGS), and before the launch, developer from Ember Lab unveiled a release trailer for the adventure. The video focuses on the beauty of the games world, the main character and the difficulties and enemies that await her on the way. According to the story, Kena is a spiritual leader who can help unsettled spirits find peace.

In the world of Bridge of Spirits, people who have suffered great trauma or have unfinished business can get stuck between the physical and spiritual world and even begin to inconvenience the inhabitants. Calling of Qena โ€” understand what prevents them from moving on, and help them come to terms with the events of the past.

By finding and assembling a team of rotten spirit companions, enhancing their abilities and affecting everything around them in a new way. Read more about the specifics of the project.

Although the release trailer is not provided with any translation, the developers said that Kena: Bridge of Spirits will have Russian subtitles. Kena: Bridge of Spirits trailer, dedicated to photo mode.

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