The BMW that was bought after a refueling

Walter and Edwin Heijkamp take car-related trips more often. An ordinary holiday became their most memorable adventure. Son Walter tells.

Owners: Walter (21), student, and Edwin Heijkamp (55), sales manager

Car: BMW 318is

Year of construction: 1990

Estimated value: 10,000 euro

Engine: 1796 cm3 four-in-line 136 hp

โ€œLast year we were in Spain at a local petrol station full of our rental to refuel and saw this BMW E30 stand. My father said, โ€œIf we can bring him for less than 5,000 euros, we will.โ€

We didn‘t even know what type it was. Just a red E30 that, except for a big dent in the left door, looked pretty. According to the identification plate, a 318is. We got talking to the owner, Gabriel, but he wouldn’t sell. He understood that we were lovers and thawed some. We exchanged phone numbers.


Later we did a test drive anyway. Gabriel was the first owner, you could see that he had been sparing on it. The dent wasn‘t his fault. The sale was closed and two weeks later we flew back to Spain. The first ride was the best part of my life. The sound, the feeling, euphoric was me.

We’ve done a lot of it. On the bridge, it turned out that the underside was dry. Covers, suspension rubbers, parts of the suspension: everything has been replaced. So do all brake parts. These wheels fit the 318iS, it makes it unique among all E30‘s with BBS wheels.

People find it, also because of its color, a nice car. An iconic design and he sends great. We’re glad Gabriel gave us the car. During the work we sent him updates, this newspaper goes to Spain too!โ€

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