The broadcast August 27th

Why can’t we test more?

In May it was still said that the labs would be scaled up considerably and that by the end of this summer 30,000 tests per day could be done. But even now it’s barely possible to do 20,000 a day. How is it possible that it is not possible to scale up further?

And what are the consequences of that? Can the problem be solved in a short period of time? Doctor-Microbiologist Marc Bonten thinks it’s time to make some hard choices and explains that tonight in the studio.

Speech from a survival artist

In the night from Thursday to Friday (Dutch time) Donald Trump gives his speech at the Republican convention. Tonight a portrait of this ‘survival artist’. What happened in the past four years during his presidency? And what can we expect from the speech?

Correspondent Marieke de Vries looks ahead to the speech. She also looks back at the past turbulent days. The convention takes place in a setting of riots and violence. What consequences does the current unrest in the United States have for President Trump? And how will it affect his possible re-election?