The broadcast of 12 September: Nobody seems happy with Lesbos emergency camp / Should cats be on the leash? / Officials on unworkable Hague policy

Nobody seems happy with new Lesbos reception camp

Tensions on the Greek island of Lesbos continue to rise. The police today used tear gas against demonstrating residents of the burnt-out Moria migrant camp, while residents of Lesvos are blocking the construction of new shelters with road closures.

In Moria several fires broke out in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, probably set by frustrated residents. The fires reduced the camp to ashes and thousands of residents became homeless. The Greek government is now building an emergency camp at record speed, but no one seems really happy about it. Reporter Saskia Dekkers is at Lesbos and reports.

Do cats have to be on a leash outside?

It is estimated that tens of millions of birds are killed by cats in the Netherlands every year. A large number of those birds are rare and are protected by European law. But while the approximately three million domestic and stray cats go hunting every day, politics does not intervene. Biologists and lawyers therefore called for a trial. In order to force the cat to go outside only on a leash.

Officials complain about unworkable policy, devised in The Hague

Tampering with allowances at the Tax and Customs Administration, the CBR, which hardly issues any driving licences, and the UWV, which checks benefits poorly. It seems to have been going wrong for years at government implementing organisations. A special committee of members of the Lower House of Parliament is already conducting an investigation behind the scenes.

But there is also another side to this story. Involved civil servants complain about unworkable policies, devised in The Hague. In Nieuwsuur they tell their story.