The broadcast of 18 January

Concerns about two epidemics

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) is deeply concerned about the spread of British coronamutation in the Netherlands. This is evidenced by the latest opinion. โ€œ… It can be concluded that we are dealing with two virus variants that seem to spread at different speeds in the population and lead de facto to two separate corona epidemics,โ€ writes OMT-President Jaap van Dissel.

We speak to health economist and epidemiologist Koen Pouwels, who, with colleagues in Oxford, is investigating the British variant and advising the British Government.

PvdA nominates Lilianne Ploumen as a leader

Lilianne Ploumen becomes, if it is up to the PVDA board, the new leader in the Second Chamber elections. She is then the successor of Lodewijk Asscher, who resigned last week because of his role in the payment affair. The 58-year-old Ploumen has extensive experience in The Hague. In Rutte II, she was Minister for Development Cooperation and over the last four years Ploumen was Vice-Chairman.

The supporters of Donald Trump

While the most radical Trump followers on 6 Janauari stormed the Capitol, there were thousands of his voters outside demonstrating without violence. And also of them, as well as of over 70 million Trump voters elsewhere in the country, Joe Biden will be the president. Sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild became a celebrity four years ago because of her research into these voters. She warns of an overly complacent attitude among the Democrats.

Why did opposition leader Aleksey Navalny return?

From abroad, Russia has been strongly criticized for the arrest of opposition leader Aleksey Navalny. He was apprehended at Moscow airport yesterday after being in Germany for five months after poisoning. Why did Navalny return to Russia with a real chance of his arrest?