The broadcast of 2 September

Parliamentary debate on the coronary crisis and the Grapperhaus position

An exciting day for Minister of Justice Ferd Grapperhaus and the cabinet. This afternoon the House of Representatives will debate the corona crisis and the measures taken, but the position of Grapperhaus will also be discussed. He recently went through the dust because not enough distance was kept at his wedding. Newly published photographs show that he violated several corona-rules. The left-wing opposition thinks that this makes him more unbelievable

Mayors are the boss in this crisis, not the minister

GGDs that are difficult to scale up, testing capacity that is insufficient and confusion about who is actually in charge of managing the corona crisis. Former GGD directors Laurent de Vries and Richard Janssen and crisis expert Gert-Jan Ludden are saddened by the way in which management of the pandemic is divided among far too many agencies.

Due to a weaving error in the law, there is no direct control from The Hague and structural cutbacks from 2008 onwards at the Municipal Health Centres (GGDs) mean that the power is lacking. And that affects us, according to the three experts.