The broadcast of 21 August

Advocates shadowed in search of Taghi

Advocates are outraged that last year the Public Prosecution Service had counselors Nico Meijering and Leon van Kleef followed at Schiphol Airport and then in Dubai. This happened after a tip that they would meet the then still fugitive criminal Ridouan Taghi. The lawyers turned out to have an appointment with one of their own clients, but the question is to what extent justice can go to the investigation?

We discuss it with Sven Brinkhoff, professor of criminal procedural law at the Open University.

New Hour traveled to Dubai earlier this year to find out Taghi’s hiding place and how he was finally caught:

How long does the opposition hold out for Belarus?

The Coordinating Council set up this week in Belarus by the opposition to allow a peaceful transfer of power is accused of undermining national security. Authorities in Belarus have therefore opened a criminal investigation into the council. The council speaks of large-scale fraud surrounding the presidential elections and demands new elections.

Ouding feels less safe in the supermarket

Wait in line, one person per household and customers keeping their distance. That was the picture at the supermarket for a while, but that has changed quite a bit in recent weeks. We don’t take the corona measures very closely anymore. This makes the elderly and chronically ill feel less and less safe. Stakeholder organisations expect action from supermarkets.