The broadcast of 28 August

Third corona support package presented

The cabinet and employers and employees yesterday reached broad agreement on a third financial support package due to the corona crisis. It then also became clear that the support will not be cut back as much as previously seemed to be the case. In any case, the government will continue to provide support until 1 July next year.

The support package will be discussed in the Cabinet today and then presented. We will discuss it tonight with Wopke Hoekstra, Minister of Finance.

The Netherlands wants help from German coronavirus labs

Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health talks with German laboratories to see if they can help to increase the testing capacity. “The demand is much greater than we thought,” said De Jonge. The ministry expected 30,000 coronavirus tests a day in September, but it appears that 40,000 are already being done every day. And by January it should be 100,000

Laboratories for medical microbiology yesterday indicated that they are not being supplied with sufficient materials to meet the increasing demand for coronavirus testing. Sometimes too few test kits are supplied, sometimes too few test fluids or test rods.

March on Washington, with family George Floyd

On August 28, 1963, the famous march to Washington took place, meant to stand up for the rights of Afro-American citizens. After the march Martin Luther King gave his famous speech in the National Mall, in which he uttered the legendary words I have a dream.