The broadcast of 29 August: Actor Boseman deceased / Strop for Spanish tourism / Home care is bracing itself

What did Chadwick Boseman mean to the film industry?

Chadwick Boseman died at the age of 43 from the consequences of bowel cancer. He became known as the first black actor to play a superhero as lead. Boseman starred in Black Panther, a superhero film by Marvel with a predominantly black cast.

‘Lessons learned’ in home care

With possibly a second corona wave on its way, the healthcare sector is bracing itself. What lessons can be learned from the start of the crisis and what needs to be improved this time? It is clear that nursing and home care came second in the distribution of personal protective equipment.

At the Limburg home care organisation Envida, they did not wait, but took a proactive approach. Nieuwsuur will visit Envida, where district nurses and care administrators will hear how they are preparing for a possible second wave. “The moment I let myself be guided by what politics tells me or what I read in the newspaper, I’m just one stage too late”, says care director Roger Ruijters.

Boulevards in Benidorm remain empty

For many Spaniards, the second wave of the coronavirus has already begun. The country is currently registering most of the new infections in Europe. The impact of travel restrictions and the consequences for the economy are large. Tourists stay away.

And that while Spanish tourism was pretty much invented on the boulevards of Benidorm. Correspondent Rop Zoutberg visited the Spanish seaside resort. He spoke to desperate entrepreneurs and saw a very small number of tourists.