The broadcast of 30 August

Large demonstration in Belarus

On President Lukashenko’s birthday, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Belarus. The day before, thousands of women protested against the president. Among other things, the demonstrators want political prisoners to be released and new elections to be held

Tonight the latest state of affairs

Tension rises between Turkey and Greece

Tension at sea is running high over Cyprus. Turkey claims waters that, according to international law, belong to Cyprus and Greece. Turkey is of the opinion that it can lay claim to those waters and wants to drill for oil and gas fields

As a result, both countries are becoming more and more conflicted. Greece, Italy, France and Cyprus held a three-day military exercise last week to deter Turkey. That doesn’t seem to have succeeded, because yesterday Turkey in turn announced to hold a large shooting exercise

Fewer aircraft stripes during corona: what are the consequences for the climate?

The corona crisis offers an unexpected opportunity to find out the climate impact of condensation trails. These aircraft-induced streaks affect the weather, and ultimately the climate

Climate researchers have been trying for some time to find out how big that influence is. The corona crisis now offers an unexpected opportunity to compare theory with practice.