The broadcast of 31 August

Criminals like to use storage boxes

More often than expected, criminals are making use of storage spaces that are easy to rent throughout the Netherlands. This is evident from the Black Box report of the Mobile Banditry Task Force, shared with Nieuwsuur. This special investigative unit searches for itinerant criminal gangs that are guilty of all kinds of different crimes.

Criminals can store their stolen items in the storage areas fairly anonymously (and without leaving many traces). Tonight a report.

All summer vacations over

As of today, the summer holidays for all regions are officially over and all students are going back to school. Tonight we talk to education minister Arie Slob. This morning he said in the AD that a corona outbreak at a school will not affect the entire education system and that there will be no national mouth guard duty.

But do schools have enough tools to teach in a safe way? What is the influence of the virus on the level of education and how do we ensure that schools can open up responsibly in the event of a new lockdown? We’ll discuss it tonight with Arie Slob