The broadcast of 6 September

Protests in Belarus

Once again there are massive protests in Belarus against President Aleksandr Lukashenko. Last month he was proclaimed the winner of the presidential elections after presumably large-scale fraud. The protesters want prisoners to be released, the police to be prosecuted and new elections to be held.

Tonight the latest news. And we speak to an entrepreneur in Belarus who supports the opposition financially. There have been raids on his company.

The dilemmas of a hereditary disease

What would you do if you found out there was a hereditary disease in your family? Will you get tested or not? It turns out that more than half the people give up testing. This leads to tensions within families, and concerns among hereditary doctors. Members of different families talk about the choice of whether or not to get tested.

Unexpected nature in the city

Urban nature brightens up your neighborhood, but also helps against heat and drought and provides biodiversity. A roof garden or a piece of fallow land offer plenty of opportunities for flora and fauna.

In the broadcast the last part of our series Hidden Nature Pearls, about special nature in unexpected places.

See in this video some of those Dutch nature secrets: