The broadcast of 7 September

Is Jonhson putting a bomb under brexit negotiations?

The UK Government intends to bring forward a bill that would destroy important parts of the EU accession agreement. That’s what the Financial Times wrote this morning. It would put a bomb under the current negotiations for a trade agreement, for which time is running out.

The trade agreement must be ready before 31 October, otherwise the European Parliament will not deal with it in time. For the time being, the European Commission responds calmly to the threats from London. There are concerns in the European Parliament

Rem Korteweg, brexit expert at the Clingendael Institute, will be our guest tonight.

Buy the HEMA: citizens‘ initiative tries to raise money

The HENA Foundation, created from the two citizens’ initiatives HoudeHEMA and WeloveHEMA, wants to raise money to buy HEMA shares. The initiators go for a minority interest and hope to be able to influence the course of events in the department store chain.

HEMA has been in the hands of a group of creditors since June. They seized power from the company, in exchange for the cancellation of 300 million euros of debts. As a result, billionaire Marcel Boekhoorn lost control of the department store chain.

We speak with MP Mei Li Vos, one of the initiators of HENA, and investigative journalist Stefan Vermeulen. He wrote the book HEMA. The improbable escape of a national icon, about how the HEMA fared after it was taken over by a British investor in 2007.