The broadcast of 8 September

Number of infections per week rising again

It looks like the number of corona infections is rising again. Yesterday it became clear that in the past seven days almost 5000 people have tested positive, more than 1300 more than the previous week. The increase is partly due to the strong increase in the number of tests, but that doesn’t explain everything

The RIVM today presents an analysis of the figures in its weekly report. Virologist Marion Koopmans will be our guest tonight. We will also talk to her about coronavirus tests that give the results very quickly. The OMT will soon issue an advice on the use of rapid tests.

Arguing in the family through coronade images

Some of the Dutch have a completely different view on the corona crisis. For example, according to them, the seriousness of the coronavirus is deliberately exaggerated (by the government and the media) in order to implement a different agenda. Such ideas lead to conflicts with friends, family and life partners who think differently.

In some cases even divorce is lurking. In the families we visited, the different worldviews led to considerable tensions at home: