The broadcast of January 16: Where are the protective FFP2 masks? /The good intentions of the Cabinet/Whether or not approval new Alzheimer medicine?

A new, transparent, servant government

After the resignation of the Cabinet was announced, the House of Representatives received a letter of 26 pages. It says what the Cabinet believes should be done to prevent scandals such as the payment affair in the future. According to demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte, it is necessary that signals that things are going wrong come out much quicker.

How can the Cabinet turn words into action and quickly bring about a system change in the government? We will talk about it with former Ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer. The guest is Professor of Administration Pault Hart: Politics is hypocritical, plents crocodile tears.

Where are the protective FFP2 masks?

Employees in nursing homes who treat covid patients are given only surgical masks on the advice of the RIVM. CNV wants personnel to get the safe FFP2 masks. The guest is Anneke Westerlaken, chairman of CNV Zorg en Welfare.

Whether or not new Alzheimers drug approval?

Scientists have been breaking their heads over a drug for Alzheimers disease, a form of dementia. With 35 million patients worldwide, the manufacturer who is the first to develop a working agent is guaranteed to count on a greenhouse success. One drug, Aducanumab, is now approaching the finish line.