The broadcast of January 17: Will there be a curfew? /US brace for armed march/Heavy times for the NS

Will there be a curfew?

The demissionary cabinet is meeting for Catshuis consultations. There are at least three subjects on the table. Opening primary schools and childcare. Yesterday, the OMT advised that they should stay closed longer. In addition, a new support package for entrepreneurs is on the table and the cabinet is looking at curfew. That would mean that people from 8:00 to 4:00am not allowed to come out on the street. The guest is Lucas Bolsius, mayor of Amersfoort.

U.S. Brace for armed march

With three days left until Joe Biden‘s inauguration, Washington D.C. has turned into a fortress. There is a grim atmosphere in the city. On almost every corner of the street there are cops and soldiers. The area around the White House, the Capitol and the National Mall is closed with high fences, barbed wire and armored vehicles. Trump fans have announced armed protest marches in the capitals of all fifty states.

Tough times for the NS

Before the pandemic, 1.3 million people took the train every day. Now it’s quiet in the trains. The NS represents a future full of uncertainties. Due to the dramatic decline in the number of rail passengers, the railways have to be reorganised considerably. What do all these changes mean for the workplace? The guest is the new CEO of the NS, Marjan Rintel.