The broadcast of October 14: Protest March for Trump/More re-infections/Does VR break through?

pro-Trump protest marches

In the United States, several Pro-Trump marches have been organized today. We‘re talking to correspondent Lucas Waagmeester who’s in Washington DC on the scene. We are also talking about the Republican Party: what should or can Trump do? Is it over or is there another legal goat path for him? And will he continue to play a role in the party?

Szeal increase reinfections corona expected

Reinfections with the coronavirus are no longer exceptional. Amsterdam researchers expect that the number can increase considerably in the coming months, because previously infected people are probably only protected for a year on average. In the Netherlands, there are probably already fifty people reinfected with corona.

One of them is Sanne de Jong (22), who tells her story at Nieuwsuur. She got corona in the spring with relatively mild symptoms. But in the summer she received complaints again and, to her great surprise, she was tested positive again. And this time she had it a lot firmer.

VR is getting more beautiful, but at what price?

Tech giant Facebook is fully committed to VR, virtual reality. Not only for gamers or very specific applications, but also for meetings with colleagues or for a concert on the other side of the world. Facebook sees VR as the new social platform.

Last month, the company introduced a new stand-alone VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2, which, according to connoisseurs, is in many respects better than the competition and also much cheaper. But there is also criticism: through the glasses, the company collects a lot of data about the user. Will this be the breakthrough of virtual reality?