The cast of the Mass Effect trilogy and BioWare are preparing the N7 Day airwaves

Mark Mir announced that on November 7 at 21:00 MSK he with the cast of the Mass Effect trilogy and a couple of developers from BioWare will air in honor of N7 Day. Most likely, this is where the announcement of the updated Mass Effect trilogy for PS4, Xbox One and PC, which was originally supposed to be released this month, but its release was postponed due to additional work on the first part. On the broadcast will appear: Mark Mir โ€” voice of Shepard Male Jennifer Hale โ€” voice of Shepard Woman Ali Hillis โ€” voice of Liara William Saliers โ€” voice of Mordine Solus D.

C. Douglas is the voice of the Legion Courtney Taylor โ€” the voice of Jack Stephen Blume โ€” the voice of Grunt Kimberly Brooks โ€” the voice of Ashley Alix Wilton Regan โ€” the voice of Samantha Trainor.

According to the media, the issue remaster of the trilogy is expected in early 2021. More on CCeit Authors of PUBG Mobile have stopped distribution of the game in India Injustice 2, RAGE 2 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance will replenish PlayStation Now in November Uteclo video with Spider-Man launch on PS5 โ€” only 15 seconds to gameplay.