The cast of the new film adaptation of Resident Evil

The cast of the new feature film adaptation Resident Evil became known, which is another reboot. The story will again tell about the events in Raccoon City in 1998, and in the story will participate heroes familiar by the games. According to screenwriter-director Johannes Roberts (“Blue Abyss 2), the authors managed to create an “origin story” that will be linked to the original sources.

Kaya Scodelario — Claire RedfieldHannah John-Kamen — Jill Valentine (rumor turned out to be true) Robbie Amell — Chris Redfieldtom Hopper — Albert Veskerevan Jogia — Leon KennedyNeil McDonaf — William BirkinIn addition, in development are a new animated miniseries on the franchise and simply a series with a new story — Netflix is responsible for both projects. More on CCeit In Hyper Scape, second media season begins: Activision to close Blizzard office in France Online, season ticket, assassin: Ubisoft reveals plans to support Watch Dogs Legion.