The Champions League route: Ajax in Pot 1 or 2, PSV may encounter Schmidt again

It is only in 2024 that the Champions League will be overhauled and the Netherlands could claim its sixth place in the coefficients ranking. The 2022/2023 edition therefore still consists of at least one and a maximum of two Dutch participants: Ajax positions itself as champion directly, PSV will enter the preliminaries as number two. What can they expect next season? Football first plots Champions League route.
Ajax For a number of years, the champion of the Eredivisie has been allowed to enter the Champions League immediately. The coefficients ranking for the 2020/2021 season is leading for the coming season: The Netherlands closed that year in seventh place and is now seventh on the European placement list. And that could give Ajax a spot in Pot 1 during the draw.
It consists of the champions of the big six countries — England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Portugal — and the winners of the Champions League and Europa League. If the Spanish champion Real Madrid also wins the Champions League, it has a double ticket to Pot 1 and the champion of the European number seven moves on: that is Ajax. If Liverpool still becomes England champion and wins the Champions League, thats also good news for Ajax.
Should Liverpool stay second in their home country and win the Champions League, Ajax will fall outside Pot 1, because the winner of the Europa League will not be a champion in their own country anyway: Eintracht Frankfurt ends in the right-hand row of the Bundesliga, Giovanni van Rangers FC Bronckhorst had to leave the Scottish title to Celtic. The remaining three pots are filled based on the current club ranking, on which Ajax stands fifteenth. Because several higher-ranked clubs — Manchester United, AS Roma and probably Tottenham Hotspur too — are not going to make it to the next Champions League edition, Ajax is at least guaranteed a spot in Pot 2.
Virtual pot layout Champions League 2022/2023 Pot 1: Bayern Munich (138,000), Real Madrid (122,000), Paris Saint-Germain (112,000), FC Porto (80.00), Manchester City (134,000) /Liverpool (134,000), AC Milan (38,000) /Internazionale (67,000), winner Champions League*, Eintracht Frankfurt (60,000)/ Rangers FC (49,250) * Real Madrid is already certain of the league title, Liverpool (134,000) is already certain of the Champions League, but can also become national champions.
Pot 2, 3 and 4: Chelsea (123,000), FC Barcelona (114,000), Juventus (107,000), Atlético Madrid (105,000), Seville (91,000), RB Leipzig (83,000), AJAX (82,500), Borussia Dortmund (78,000), Red Bull Salzburg (71,000), Shakhtar Donetsk (71,000), AC Milan (38,000) /Interinterter Nazionale (67,000), Naples (66,000) , Sporting Portugal (55,500), Bayer Leverkusen (53,000), Club Brugge (38,500), Celtic (33,000), number three Premier League, number four Premier League, number two Ligue 1, six winners of last preliminary lapsSchupressed = Subject to change, according to current league standings
PSV Just like last season, PSV is allowed to try to make a detour for the billion-dollar ball. Then the Eindhoven residents had to start at the end of July, in the second preliminaries. This summer, however, PSV will be allowed to skip one preliminary round, because the Netherlands has risen significantly on the placement list. Whether PSV has placed or unplaced status in the third heat for non-champions depends on multiple factors. Whether the higher-ranked Dinamo Kiev gets through the second heat, or Rangers wins the Europa League this season and which French club makes the preliminaries: Olympique Marseille (44,000), Stade Rennes (33,000) or AS Monaco (26,000).
In any case, there is a chance that PSV is among the four lowest-ranked clubs and thus gains unplaced status in the third heat. In that case, a piquant reunion with Benfica — this season get in the way in the final preliminaries, next season
s employer of Roger Schmidt — is possible.
Second heat for non-champions Dinamo Kiev (44,000), FC Midtjylland (19,000), Turkey number two, Cyprus number two
Third heat for non-champions Benfica (61,000), Rangers FC (49,250) *, PSV (33,000), Sturm Graz (7,770), Union Saint-Gilloise (6,120), France number three, two second round winners* If Rangers FC wins the Europa League this season, it will directly enter the Champions League and Dinamo enters Kiev and Turkeys representative in the third heat.