The cinematic bagel that could — the main of the Returnal reviews

The first reviews of Returnal appeared, and journalists mostly rated the novelty positively. On Metacritic and OpenCritic, she has 87 points. Sony and the creators of Resogun, Super Stardust and Dead Nation have somehow astonishingly managed to combine their signature traits.

From the publisher got cinematography, from Finns from Housemarque – elements of arcade shoot em up, and from the genre in general everything else. Surprisingly, this all works – it does not contradict each other, but on the contrary complements.

However, it should be understood that this is primarily a bagel. And, judging by the reviews, quite complicated.

Returnal is a ruthless and merciless test of the ages that managed to preserve the magic of Housemarque games. She has a strange and unique style and content, and each level represents an unpredictable adventure — Critical Hit, 9/10Overall critics are reluctant to describe flaws, since as such there are not a lot of them – and much is very subjective.

For example, you can not save in the middle of the race – if you leave the game, then the next time you will have to start from the very beginning. The rest mostly concerns complexity.

In The Gamer are unhappy that often the success of another run depends on equipment – but other journalists note that you can go through the game in fact with any set of skills and weapons – here it all depends on the skill of the player. Some are also unhappy with backtracking and the map – its hard to read.

There are quite a lot of them. Praise: visual component and eerie atmosphere plot and narrative notorious nextgen sensation realization of DualSense features like adaptive triggers and backward returns peppy and deep gameplay.

Particular attention is paid just to the atmosphere. Returnals main achievement is conveying the sense of horror of being locked in this place, Polygon.

To summarize, Sony and Housemarque successfully made a large-budget bagel, which combines elements of almost a dozen genres – but does it extremely successfully. Fans of bagels definitely should not pass by, whereas others can pay attention.

The passage of the project will take from 10 to 50 hours – yes, such a large spread. Returnal is only released on PS5 tomorrow, April 30.

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