The co-op in the Halo Infinite campaign will not appear until May 2022

Representatives of 343 Industries said that the release of the cooperative for the Halo Infinite campaign will have to wait. Recently, the first season of the game was extended until May 2022, with the original intention that each season would be released every three months. The cooperative was planned to be added to the campaign in the second season, that is, before the last month of spring 2022, it is no longer worth waiting for.

The Forge editor will also be delayed โ€” they wanted to include it at least in the third season, but it is not a fact that the developers will fulfill their plan. The editor is expected to release at the end of summer, but still may change.

The authors assured the fans that they are going to stick to their goals by adding the mentioned content to the game. However, the release date of Halo Infinite itself remains the same โ€” December 8.

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