“The conservative sound has been made suspicious.”

According to Cceitreporter Wierd Duk, there is a fight against conservative Netherlands. In a new episode of the podcast Het land van Wierd Duk he notes: The conservative sound is made suspicious. And this sound will therefore sound much softer. This will ultimately lead to people who express traditional ideas in politics, culture and education becoming frightened and intimidated. That is a sad development, says Duk.

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The Netherlands also faces a difficult issue. There will be a situation in which the most vulnerable have been vaccinated. Then the question arises as to what extent society can reopen. Duk denounts the argument that society must close until the virus is eradicated. In an open society like ours, with so much mobility and with open borders, that scenario is unfeasible. Well have to learn to live with the fact that this virus will never be completely gone.

Finally in the podcast: The Netherlands is under the spell of ice fun, the corona measures seem to be forgotten. Duk predicts carnival on the ice for this weekend. Whether the local authorities will succeed in maintaining the corona measures in this situation is to be seen.