The County fans with banners into the stadium: ‘Clearly at a meter and a half’

The statement of De Graafschap supporters was the most striking feat of the Kitchen Champion Division Friday. A group of supporters broke in during the match against Almere City and showed two banners: according to managing director Hans Martijn Ostendorp, the action was not announced, but the event went without significant problems.
In the course of the first half, the game was shut down, after a number of fans entered the Spinnekop stand โ€” which normally holds the hard core of De Graafschap โ€”: on their banners were the lyrics ‘Act to the facts: a stadium visit is safe’ and ‘The measure is full: give supporters their club back’. โ€œWhether we knew this in advance? No, we didn‘t know this,โ€ says Ostendorp at ESPN afterwards. โ€œWe do know that our supporters have a great commitment to De Graafschap, but we didn’t see these coming.โ€
After a short maintenance with Ostendorp, the activists left again. โ€œI went to the supporters. I thought they were doing their action neat, quiet, even at a foot and a half apart. They really wanted to hand me a statement, they did. Then I asked: okay, shall we do that, that you go? They also did that nicely.โ€
De Graafschap finally won 1-0 in the last minute, thanks to Giovanni Korte. The fans may soon have reason to cheer again: the cabinet is brooding on a return of audiences in the football stadiums during the next relaxation round. A press conference is scheduled on Tuesday.