The County quickly finished with Roda, Excelsior breaks through series of six defeats

The Graafschap continues to compete well in the top of the Kitchen Champion Division. The team of trainer Mike Snoei won a visit to Roda JC with 1-3, and Excelsior broke the bad series in the competition and won after six successive defeats of FC Eindhoven (1-0). FC Dordrecht and FC Volendam did not score.

Roda JC – De Graafschap 1-3A weak Roda JC lost the chance of a good result against De Graafschap in the first half. The Superboeren quickly came ahead after a head-start by Ralf Seuntjens, who made use of a mistake by Roda-keeper Jan Hoekstra. The striker got a few minutes later to double the score from the penalty tip, but his soft bet was grabbed by Hoekstra.
In the first half, however, Roda was too sloppy to have a chance of a result, while De Graafschap was extremely effective in dealing with the odds. Joey Konings put the 0-2 on the scoreboard halfway through the first half, Elmo Lieptink just provided peace for the 0-3 with a nice shot at the crossroads of the Roda target. In the second half, De Graafschap took it easy. Roda didnt get any further than an honorary speech through Stefano Marzo.
Excelsior – FC Eindhoven 1-0Marinus Dijkhuizen has won a hard-won victory with his Excelsior. The team from Rotterdam lost the previous six Keuk Champion Division matches, but against Eindhoven they managed to win points. Reuven Niemeijer became the match winner in Rotterdam: he set his team at 1-0 after about half an hour of play. Eindhoven went on the hunt for the equator in the second half, got plenty of chances, but there was no hit.
FC Dordrecht – FC Volendam 0-0Jan Zoutman has his first point as Dordrecht trainer. In his own stadium, his team managed to keep Volendam on a tie. It was a one-sided competition: Volendam had the initiative, but was far too sloppy for the purpose of Dordrecht.