The creator of Bayonetta 3 has spoken out about the games release on other platforms

Hideki Kamiya, creator of Bayonetta trilogy, spoke about the exclusivity of the third part of the slasher and the possibility of the game being released on other platforms:As with Bayonetta 2, we create a game with money Nintendo. Platinum Games is only developing, Nintendo has the final say. So all your โ€œrelease the game on other platformsโ€ address the company.

If she asks us to make a PS5 port, well do it. On the other hand, theres nothing impossible about The Legend of Zelda or Mario coming out on the PS5 or somewhere else.

So good luck to you in trying to talk Nintendo down. If I were you, I would have a Switch.

Those who have been following the series for a long time will probably remember that Kamiya explained the exclusivity of the second part for Wii U. True, the game was ported over time, but Only for the next Nintendo.

Earlier, the creators finally presented a full-fledged trailer and talked about how Scalebound has affected the battle system. The game will be released on Switch in 2022.

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