The creator of Little Nightmares 2 explained something about the world and the ending of the game

The finale of Little Nightmares 2 can be called unforgettable and shocking. And the fact that the story of the inhabitants of the strange world is served with a lot of non-contracts, makes fans of the game build a lot of theories about the happening. Portal GamingBible talked with the senior designer narratives by Tarsier Studios by David Merwick.

And he clarified some points and confirmed some theories. And, of course, the whole story is generously stuffed with spoilers! Attention, spoilers! Merwick seems surprised that players regarded the final of Little Nightmares 2 as bleak.

From his point of view, Monos fate differs little from the ending of the first part: and there and there the hero is trapped and seems to be victorious. And both heroes become what they are, under the powerful and inevitable influence of the world.

The designer did not give a definite answer about the relationship between Mono and the Subtle Man. Theories differ in this aspect: someone believes that the transformation of Mono into a Subtle Man is an infinite cycle, and someone is sure that this is only a role that is passed from one to another, and its different people.

According to Mervik, both can have place. Mervik also refused to give explanations on the device of the world, telling only that everything in it is not accidental and everything has a reason.

So, the Mast from the first game came to light thanks to the existence of hunger. And the Tower from the second – because someone needs to escape from reality.

Most of all questions, of course, caused the final scenes. And the basic theory about them the designer confirmed: the events of Little Nightmares II really happen before Little Nightmares began.

And in a hidden ending, where Sixth finds a poster with the Thug, she experiences her first attack of hunger. And earlier she finds her famous yellow raincoat.

This scene (the fall of Mono – Prim red) and the final that followed it caused such a powerful reaction of players that most accurately it can be described as & laquo; furious loveโ€. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where one has to just let people shout, โ€œWhy?! โ€œ, โ€” and fight the desire to answer.

I will only say that Sixths point of view is different from Monos, and both of them see the world not like the players do. Who knows why kids do this? Theyre thrown into this world that hates them, and they need to find a way to live to maturity.

And if we just sit back and watch this fight, then who are we to judge their methods? David MervickThe designer of the narrative admitted that he is driven by all fanatical theories, he is happy that the game has so fascinated people. And this is another reason to stand aside: because all this is very easy to destroy, confirming some theories and disproving others.

Since Tarsier Studios will no longer work on the Little Nightmares series, we seem to have only these theories left. Unless a complete picture of the world designers and screenwriterswill transmit to the continuers.

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