The creators of Age of Empires IV talked about future seasons

In April, Age of Empires IV launched the first season of Festival of Centuries with new content and awards. It ends on June 30. And the developers have already talked about what they are planning for the second and third seasons.

In July, the game will have a system for selecting preferred cards, the ability to assign a player color from the palette, improved keyboard shortcuts, and the new competitive The Pit map More on balance changes, new rewards for seasonal events, and the theme of the second season will be revealed in the coming weeks. Developers are planning to introduce a team ranking for the third season.

There will also be features that the player has been asking for a long time: taunts and cheat codes. Moreover, fans of dishonesty will be able to both remember their favorite cheats from previous parts and see something completely new.

In the third season, the studio plans to add a number of things to the game that players are talking about ask in reviews and what they vote for in polls. But we will be told the details closer to the final of the second season.

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