The creators of As Dusk Falls showed the first fifteen minutes of the game

Interior/Night showed the first fifteen minutes of the interactive drama As Dusk Falls, which tells the story of the confusing lives of two families for thirty years in a small town in Arizona. The video was published on the IGN channel. As Dusk Falls is working on As Dusk Falls, immigrants from Quantic Dream and Sony, led by Carolina Marshall, leading gameplay designer Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The game will be released on July 19 and will be released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. As Dusk Falls reviews have already been published and the game received an average score of 76 on Metacritic.

Critics are divided, and the selection includes ratings ranging from 100 to 40. Thanks to its ability to constantly knock the ground from under your feet, As Dusk Falls does not turn into an ordinary narrative that we Well forget it in an hour.

Instead, the game leaves its mark on us, the sad but understandable problems of its characters cast a long shadow, and the plot threads seem to be made of jagged wire. And we will not soon be able to get rid of our thoughts: did we really choose the best outcome at that time? And the answer, as in life, is likely to be sad: hardly.

Polygon, a game with a huge number of storylines puts us in the directors seat to push these characters to the appropriate finals. But it seems that Interior/Night just forgot to finish the story.

Im not exaggerating, the game just ends suddenly. I sat in the main menu for about twenty minutes, trying to figure out if I had driven myself into such an ending, or if the giant Continue button was in my blind spot.

But then I went back to what I thought were key decisions and chose the opposite to see if this would change the outcome. Did not change.

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