The creators of Chernobylite showed the Pripyat cafe in the game and in reality

Publishing All in! Games has published a new trailer for post-apocalyptic action thriller Chernobylite. And it was dedicated to one single gaming location: the Pripyat Cafe. Like other areas, it is based on a real location, one of the most recognizable in Pripyat.

Before the Chernobyl accident, Pripyat Cafe, located on the waterfront, was a popular holiday destination townspeople. It was connected by a colonnade canopy with the river station building, and we remember this colonnade at least by โ€œS.

T. A.

L. K.

E. R.

: The Call of Pripyatโ€: the Monolith group was based here. Recognizable and memorable, the cafรฉ was made by stained glass windows depicting women, flowers and planets.

It was here in 1977 that builders celebrated the launch of the first unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. And here, once, the hero of the game was with Tatiana, the enigmatic Woman in Red, whose story is one of the central story of the game.

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