The creators of Company of Heroes 3 at gamescom 2022 talked about the features of the game

Relic Entertainment presented its expected project at gamescom 2022: we will be able to see the release version of Company of Heroes 3 on November 17. In the meantime, we were shown a fresh trailer that reminded us of the features of the new part of the famous series. In the video, we are told about the tactical pause, the importance of taking into account the heights of the landscape, as well as new types of missions , including cooperative ones.

The developers emphasize that they created the game in close contact with fans of the series and most of the features were implemented at the wishes of the community. In Company of Heroes 3, we will have to lead the army in two major conflicts: in Italy and North Africa.

You will have to fight in real time, calling in reinforcements, conducting reconnaissance and pre-bombing, and sending troops of your choice into battle. And the enemy will not hesitate to take advantage of any of our mistakes, so the missions will not be easy.

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