The creators of DC Universe Online are working on MMOs for the Marvel Universe

Enad Global 7 Holding has published a presentation for investors with the results of the third quarter of fiscal 2021. And in the section on plans for the future, they found a mention of an unannounced online game on the Marvel universe, which Dimensional Ink. Dimensional Ink is engaged in splinter in 2020 from Daybreak Austin, although it continues to be part of Daybreak and Enad Global 7.

It currently continues to support DC Universe Online, with a massive graphics enhancement and the largest expansion in history in 2023. The team of the upcoming Marvel MMO will lead Jack Emmert, former co-founder, chief creative officer and lead designer at Cryptic Studios.

He participated in the creation of City of Heroes and City of Villains and the development of Marvel Universe Online, and also acted as an online producer for Star Trek Online. the upcoming MMO.

It is part of Daybreaks long-term plans. More on Gaming Addiction Xbox Series S became the best-selling Black Friday console TFM creators: The First Men published a gameplay trailer To the authors of State of Decay 3 Saints Row technical artist joined.